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We provide all optimum pharma support through out the treatment.

Our philosophy

There are regions in the world where there is a paucity of skilled medical resources, skilled doctors and medical professionals.  

There are skills available in countries like India. 

What We Do

SSRM’s intent is to bridge this  gap and provide medical support and healthcare to people where they need the most.

SSRM is founded by a team of experienced doctors.

Patient first approach

Patient first approach

Our focus is 'to get our patients from illness to wellness.

Surgeries in the country

Specialist doctors from overseas work with local resources.

All services under one roof

Online consulting, insurance facilitation and logistic support.

Technology as enabler

Supporting African health story as a one stop shop for holistic healthcare.

Your Health is Our Concern

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Working Model

Use Our Services For Your Health

In cases that require advanced treatment options in India, SSRM would arrange for the travel, logistics and other support requirements for the patients and their accompanies. 

SSRM will provide these services through their partnerships with leading hospitals in India.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement arises from our basic intent - Providing affordable, trustworthy, holistic and quality healthcare and medical support and intervention services for the deserving people.

Patient First Approach

At SSRM Global Health

We provide all optimum pharma support throughout the treatment.

Basis our experience, we find that the best option for treatment would be in the country or region where the patient is located.  

We will go to the patients nearest location and offer our treatment.

The treatment options would be through



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